Wallpaper/ Textured Paint

Get rid of those boring old vacant walls and light up your interiors with a palette of gorgeous textures and wallpapers. Giveyour office, bedroom, kitchen andevery inch of your space a complete makeover. Let your walls speak for you. Be it flamboyant or subtle, Fabmodula being one of the top interior designers of Bangalore will guide you through it all.

Ranging from substantial materials like tiles and fabrics, contemporary 3D wall cladding to full scale art installations, there is also budget friendly options of implied texture by subtle colour variations and repeating patterns on your walls. Textured painting can be of many varieties such as Actual texture, simulated texture, abstract texture and Invented texture, giving you with plenty of options to choose from.

Wallpapers have always been a popular choice for interior décor. With so many designs and wallpapers+, it adds instant colour and life to your scheme. Be it an understated design for subtle interest or a bold look to give your room a wow factor, the trendiest wallpapers are always your go-to for making your home look welcoming. The right ensemble of texture and wallpapers can make the simplest of architecture and interiors look spectacular, also with a pocket-friendly budget.You can also opt for a transformationof your already existing room; get a makeover done for your old walls and give it the personality of the new you.

Are you still thinking about going for a typical model apartment or still unsure about changing your old rooms? With team Fabmodula alongside you during your journey, you don’t need to worry, we promise to overcome your doubts and fulfill your expectations! Why settle for anything less on your dream home?