Types of decorative glass

Want to give your next interiors a sense of style, class and innovation? Decorative glass is just the right answer for you! Easy to clean and maintain, these glasses are customized with designs that suit every taste and budget. Design your entryway, table tops, windows, shelves and room dividers by adding some decorative glass to perfectly capture your taste.

FabModula, one of the top interior designers of Bangalore tips you on the few different types of decorative glass you can opt from while designing your home interiors.

Bent/Carved glass

With designs carved on it, carved glass comes in so many varieties to fit your home’s style. They are created by sandblasting or etching to different depths within the surface of the glass. Feel the groves as you run your fingers over it!

Privacy/Channel glass

Frosted and opaque glass are the one to go for if privacy is what you are looking. Letting sunlight in yet blurring the insides, frosted glass are acid-etched and is the perfect choice for rooms like bathroom where people seek privacy. It only adds style quotient but also adds to the warmth of the existing décor.

Stained/Art glass

Stained glasses can be custom designed to suit any room or design. Though traditionally reserved for churches and museums, art glasses have become a growing trend among homeowners because of its’ elegant colors and versatility. Definitely accentuating your home interiors, art glasses are a perfect choice for your front door.

Silvered glass

To create a reflective or mirrored quality, silvered glasses can be customized into any type, pattern or color of glass with various reflective appearances. It is generally used as vanity mirror, mirrored walls, mirror doors, elevators, and decorative trims and so on.

Fused glass

Fusing in two or more types and colors of glass, fused glasses are used in art glass pieces and ornate tableware.

Box chair – Arm Chair

With a coating applied to the glass surface, it makes the surface opaque; painted glasses are traditionally used for wall cladding, spandrel glass and furniture.