Types of Chairs to choose from

To fit every kind of space and need, chairs come in a different variety. Varying from several upholstered accent chairs to suit mixed styled rooms and classy chairs for your dining hall, this abundance of unique design styles, combine elements of several types to create the ideal look, as you design your interiors.

With these guidelines by FabModula, one of Best Interior Designers in Bangalore, we tell you about each style and how they differ from one another. Add dramatic statement to any décor by identifying the core aspects of each style.

Wing chair + Modern wing chair

Considered as a contemporary styled décor by most designers, the winged chair is an ideal choice for comfortable seating to lounge and read.

Tub chair

Tub chairs give you the refreshment of sitting in a bathtub. With armrests to rest your arms on, the tub chair is the comfortable choice among all; it’s also prescribed by medical practitioners for patient dealing with back injuries.

Egg chair

Similar to a ball and bubble chair, this is a perfect choice for interiors with tons of natural light, accentuated with simple classic and modern art. This is a choice for the modern décor fans.

Club chair

With leather as a popular choice for its upholstery, the traditional style of club chairs has been updated with coverings of other materials as well. The ‘Club Chairs’ comes from 19th century England where gentlemen's clubs that had this type of chairs for relaxing.


Bergere is believed to be suited for lounging in comfort with its deeper and wider seating.

Slipper chair

Armless and low seating is characterized in slipper chairs. They are highly versatile and can be used with several functionalities to it; it is a suitor for almost any décor style.

Box chair – Arm Chair

With either low or angular shaped backside, box chairs can accentuate both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Occasional chair

Occasional chairs are the ones which are used occasionally, as an extra chair. They can also be added elements for accentuating the space and for decorative value.