Trendy Brick Wall kitchens for your Home

The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.”

What is an evergreen home décor trend? Ask any home interior designer in Bangalore or across the globe and they all will say: minimalism! Whether it is keeping an all-white home like the Kardashian-Wests, or a barnyard inspired mansion, the key to a trendy yet classic home style is keeping things minimal yet sophisticated.

trendy brick wall kitchens for your home

Whether you are a new homeowner or living in ancestral property, one space that always gets overused and yet overlooked in the kitchen. So why not start the year by adding an elegant brick wall to the heart of your home?

Unsure how to do it? Listen to what the top kitchen interior designers in Bangalore have to say.

  1. Start small

If you are uncertain how a brick wall will look, you can start from a small corner. Bricks instantly accentuate any space so you could perk up your coffee station or the pantry corner with traditional bricks to see how it looks. We are certain you will not be sorry. And don’t worry; it will not look like your home is under renovation!

  1. White bricks

Don’t like the idea of mixing color in your kitchen? You could try whitewashed bricks! These give a rustic yet pristine look and can be done on a whole wall for an added effect. These will look so much more elevated than using the usual white tiles. This is budget-friendly too if you have a brick home- all you need is a couple of paint cans and this could become a fun family project!

  1. Faux bricks

Concerned that brick wall could be challenging to clean? We hear you. Why not try false or faux bricks that look as elegant but need half the maintenance efforts. They come in panels that are easy to install and don’t look fake. You can also find brick wall patterned wallpapers but we at Fabmodula do not recommend that because it won’t add to the aesthetics of your home.

  1. Brick backsplash

A backsplash is a vital feature of any kitchen as it saves your walls from the grease and stains from everyday cooking. Adding bricks to the wall behind your washing sinks is a great idea as it elevates the look of an otherwise boring spot.

  1. Brick arch

If you have a separate entrance to your kitchen then you can install a brick wall arch for a rustic farmhouse touch. These will look great against white walls. Or you could create an accent wall by painting it in deep green or navy-blue tones and let the exposed brick arch shine in its full glory.

Brick walls come in varying colors, but you can never go wrong with the classic red brick tone. Just make sure that when you install a brick wall, you have it covered with a matt wall sealant to avoid moisture from entering the cracks. It will also help the bricks from crumbling and making your home look like a project in making.

Talk to the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore at Fabmodula to get customized solutions to revamp your kitchen and bring an additional personal touch to your home.

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