Top 5 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Who doesn’t like modern bathrooms with the latest fittings and designs? From taps to bathtubs to mirror frames, there is so much you can do to enhance the beauty of the bathroom. After all, isn’t it where you relax and even make some of the most crucial decisions?

top 5 modern bathroom design ideas

If you are planning to revamp your home or building a new one, our Home Interior Designers in Bangalore have shared a list of designs for modern bathrooms. Let’s take a look at them in brief.

  1. A Touch of Nature

At Fabmodula, we believe in the power of Nature and love how even a single flower can brighten up an entire space. Take the vibrant greens and blooms into the modern bathroom. Place a small flower pot on the counter and decorate the bathroom in shades of white and gray. Use minimalistic design to complete the look.

  1. Cozy and Warm

Surprised? These terms are rarely used in modern designs. That said, our Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest that warm and earthy tones in shades of brown and gray can make your bathroom more appealing and relaxing. Use white for the bathtubs and basins and choose curved models. Pebbles and monochrome lighting will seal the deal.

  1. Go Ultra with Glass

Wall-to-wall windows can make Interiors in Bangalore look like something straight out of a movie. Glass also creates a spectrum of more space and is perfect for compact bathrooms. Do you know you can get a bathtub in transparent color? With just one shelf for accessories and sharp edges, the ultra-modern bathroom is futuristic in tone.

  1. Marble and Pattern

Marble is often used for the flooring and counters around the house. Why not extend the same to the bathroom as well? Interior Designers in Bangalore say that the soft pattern of the marble stone gives the bathroom a fresh and modern look. You don’t need to invest in heavy décor either. Simple bronze-colored taps and handles will complement the white and gray or marble very well.

  1. Dark Grays and Slate Tiles

Modern bathrooms don’t have to be in white always. If dark shades are more your thing, go for dark gray with bits of white to contrast the color. In fact, you can use a combination of two to four shades of gray for the walls, cabinets, and flooring. Contrast it with a white washbasin or white interiors of a bathtub. You can also place a wooden cabinet to add a third color to the room.

  1. Conclusion

Fabmodula has been providing customized interior designing services in Bangalore since 2005. Our highly experienced designers have delivered the best results to countless clients. Book an appointment today.

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