Top 5 Dreamy Balcony Decor Ideas for your Home

Convert your drab balcony into an awe-inspiring space with these budget-friendly ideas. Whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, you will find something worth recreating.

dreamy balcony decor ideas for home

It’s 2021 and by now you probably have explored every nook and corner of your home multiple times. It’s time to spruce up your interiors, and the one space where you can let your imagination run wild is the underrated balcony! Ask any interior designer in Bangalore or across the world, and they will have so many unused ideas to redesign a balcony. That’s because it is one of the lesser-used and therefore lesser designed spaces. But change that with these ideas!

  1. For fitness lovers

If you love meditating or exercising then try converting the balcony into your personal zen area. Experts at interiors in Bangalore suggest adding faux wooden flooring for comfortable ground or using printed yoga mats to cover the floor. Keep the balcony clutter-free though; instead of adding patio furniture, you could use a small side table for storing small items, like a water bottle or your phone. Add another dimension to space by painting one wall in a jewel tone and hanging some framed quotes. If you like weight training then don’t forget to add a functional shelf to keep your equipment in one spot; you wouldn’t want to trip on the dumbbells!

  1. For the Hygge cravers

Hygge (pronounced as hue-guh) is a Nordic concept of being cozy and just living in the moment. If the idea of sitting in a cozy spot, curled up with a book and a hot drink makes you smile, then consider creating your balcony your own space of Hygge. If you have a spacious balcony then add an indoor swing along with comfortable pillows and faux-fur rugs. If you live in an apartment or have a small balcony then you could create a cozy corner with different sized cushions and throws. Make sure though that this spot is sheltered or else you will have a puddle when it rains.

  1. For the die-hard romantics

Who says you need a particular day to make your loved one feel special? Bring the outdoors in your home by creating a beautiful set-up on your balcony. Invest in some good quality foldable furniture, or connect with the expert home interior designers in Bangalore at Fabmodula who can create customised designs that will meet your vision and your budget. Decorate the space with some LED and fairy lights and add a translucent white canopy for privacy. You could use this space for a dream date, or just to celebrate the small victories. This can also serve as a great spot for quality Instagram posts as the place will already have ample natural light.

  1. For the plant parents

Love gardening but don’t have the area for it? Luckily, there are some plants that blossom perfectly in small spaces-all they need is some sunlight and lots of love. Add astroturf (fake grass) on the balcony floor as it is weather-proof and easy to maintain. You can install some shelves inside the balcony railing to keep small and medium-sized pots. If you are new to gardening, then start with plants that need less care comparatively. Get some vines and let them creep up on the wall. You could even add some low-lying sofas for a relaxing spot that would be perfect for that evening tea time.

  1. For the party animals

If you love hosting guests then consider a screening party for your next gathering! Most balconies have at least one plain wall so you could use that as your screen. Invest in a good projector and some quality bean bags for a movie night or a match day. You could also add a vintage popcorn cart in the corner for an added theatre effect. If you truly need a flawless design for your balcony then call us to connect with some of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

We at Fabmodula know all those looks and plenty more! Contact experienced interior designers in Bangalore to book an appointment today.

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