Tips to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

It could be that you love pets and consider them to be part of your family. If so, then you need to ensure they are comfortable away from the harsh physical conditions and weather elements. If you are planning renovation, then you can make your home pet friendly with unique decor. You can come across furnishings in different patterns, colours, textures, etc. Taking the help of the professional interior designers in Bangalore will ensure you derive your set objectives and enhance the look of your home. Your small, four-legged, speechless family member does deserve your love and attention.

Things to introduce in your home

Some experts recommend using vinyl, stone, marble or laminate for flooring purpose in different bedrooms. A clean and hygienic bedroom will keep at bay certain infections. Having smooth surface is essential to ensure that your pet’s small nails and hands do not get stuck. Do ensure providing a well-defined space for your pet similar to yours. The room is to include various types and sizes of bed furniture like an eating table, interesting toys, a bed, etc. It should be functional and appealing.

Air purifier

If you have pets at home, then you need to install a good quality and branded air purifier. These devices are created to eliminate allergic hair particles. It also helps your family members to avoid inhaling pet hairs. You also need to dust, vacuum and clean your house regularly. All your pets should be well-groomed and provided with vaccines periodically. They should also be given regular bath to ensure they don’t stink. Your pet furniture should be tweaked a bit to enable perfect colour scheme. Choose easy to manage flooring and fabric materials. Ultra-suede fabric or leather can be easily cleaned. You can get furniture covers, couture pet beds them in several custom designs and colours.

Remove hazardous items

You need to check for items even in remote places that may cause suffocation, electrocution, strangulation and choking hazards. For windows, keep the cords short. Cut through loops, unplug electrical cords and wires or simply cover them. Do away with ‘ladders’ which may be otherwise used by curious pets to climb and reach some elevated areas like tabletops and countertops.

Animals may manoeuvre some open cupboards which may contain hazardous items, fertilizers, pesticides and other home cleaning materials. Rooms where traps and rodenticides are kept for pest should be off-limits for your pet.

Indoor plants

You can choose those which are considered to be pet-safe styles. Cats may suffer kidney failure if over-exposed to lilies. Mums, poinsettia, aloe vera amaryllis are commonly used, but toxic plants.

Comfort for your dog

If you have dog as a pet, then you should invest in a stylish and colourful dog bed including diverse soft toys. There are trendy beds available in varying sizes and shapes. Use different patterned wallpapers with animal theme. Your pet should feel comfortable and cosy when it is in ‘its’ own room.

You can rely on the reputed top interior designers in bangalore to provide a wonderful pet-friendly solution without exceeding your set budget.

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