Tips to setting up the perfect home office

An office design that is worth the midnight oil invites you to a comfortable work-space and a productive self! Working from home has its perk- Balanced work-life, economic gains, private space and flexibility; needless to say, you get to design your dream office.

Here are 6 tips by FabModula, one of the best Interior Designers in Bangalore for creating a well-organized and professional work space for your home interiors.

FabModula perfectly designed home office

Location for your office interiors

Decide the amount of space you would require for your home office interiors. A private, quiet and well lit area is most preferred for viability. Also consider the traffic to your room, if you are expecting clients- Have ample seating and choose a room near your front entrance for easy flow.

A list of your office needs

Make a list of all the critical items you don’t want to forget. Office needs such as a desk, storage facilities, fax machine, office stationaries and so on. Keeping a list will save you from the hustle at the end.

Space and storage

You don’t want wind up papers scattered around your room interiors! Get creative with form and function. Get big enough cabinets and racks to avoid overstuffing, make it look organized by adding more storage options with extra shelves to make it look artful and useful.FabModula, enlisted under the list of top Interior Designers in Bangalore, we always emphasize on minimal clutter by adding to the functional elements of design.

Find the balance

A professional office needs to look organized; this means designing interiorsthat has efficient storage space as well as enough area to move around and seat your clients. Meet all your basic needs by categorizing your workspaceinteriors depending on its accessibility. The more you use it, the closer it should be.

Master the technology

Save yourself from the frustration and time-consuming hours spent on detangling your cables. Enclose the unsightly cords in cord winders, tubing or wire organizer and hide them underneath your desks or under metal caps to cover it from plain sight.

Coming under the list of leading interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula has mastered in the lastest technological advances in the field of interior design. Our experience in this field has been successfully progressive for home interiors and further.

Office décor

Give your interiorssome light, color and a pinch of creative decor magic! Keep your desk closer to the window, to give a sight of the freshness outside; embrace the natural lighting and add a few of your own lamps for the darker hours. Try using interesting color combinations on the walls, artworks, rugs and so on to spice up your interiors. Make it functional first and then inspiring!

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