The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet doors need to make a positive impact, as they are one of the first things people notice in your kitchen. No matter what your kitchen size and layout are, reworking your kitchen cabinets can instantly improve its efficiency. Some clever kitchen cabinet planning can make way for cleaner cooking space, and breathe new life into your entire home. Our Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore acknowledge that choosing the right style of cabinets can be daunting as there are so many different styles, colors, designs, and materials to choose from.

the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets

Whether you're choosing to upgrade or remodel your Kitchen Cabinet, this comprehensive guide by our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at FabModula will help you get started without stressing out much.

Understand The Different Cabinet Types
  1. Base Kitchen Cabinet

Base Kitchen Cabinets are positioned straight up on the floor. Out of all the kitchen cabinets, these form the largest part of the kitchen. They may have shelving units for items such as cookware, cleaning supplies, or pots and pans.

  1. Wall Kitchen Cabinets

As the name suggests, these cabinets are mounted on the wall with screws. If executed well, wall cabinets can be the most decorative and appealing part of your modern kitchen, as suggested by Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. Items that aren't too bulky, kitchen accessories, and appliances can be stored easily in them.

  1. Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Tall Kitchen Cabinets or Utility Cabinets extend from the floor to the ceiling or can be free-standing pieces. One can never be short of storage space if they accommodate a tall cabinet in the kitchen. These are great to organise all unmanageable items like bulk food supplies or even appliances like microwave and oven.

  1. Choice of Material

Solid wood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. However, durable materials like metal, stainless steel, and melamine are other great options, depending on your budget.

  1. Pick A Trendy Color

Adding colors is one of the best ways to spice things up in the kitchen- no renovation, just paint and a brush. Cool and warm-toned cabinets like sea green, muted shades, grey, white and mint are dominating the trends this year.

  1. Drawers vs Doors

Use a combination of both drawers and doors for a modern touch. Drawers are best used on lower-level cabinets. They allow the space to be accessed with less of an obstacle to traffic flow in the kitchen.

Doors with standard shelves should generally be reserved for top cabinets for keeping lighter items like glasswares.

Planning your kitchen interior design can be a daunting task. If you're someone who can't devote much time, you can always take the help of our professional Interior Designers in Bangalore at FabModula to get a perfect kitchen interior designed for you.

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