Terrace Gardening

Who doesn't love a nature-driven and blooming balcony? With space being at a premium and time hardly at hand, terrace gardens can be a lifestyle changer. Terrace gardening is the art of buildyou your own private paradise/getaway in your balcony, terrace or decks; flowing ponds, lush green landscapes, your own barbeque spot and more. Being among the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, Fabmodula is here to help you build your own urban lush green terrace garden, where you can grow healthy vegetables and live a healthier life. Createyour personal getaway from the overly polluted hustle and bustle of the city life.

Terrace gardens are not just meant for the rooftops, it can fit perfectly into your balconies and decks, making your view from inside even more beautiful!Bring back the culture of kitchen garden in your backyard; Fabmodula has its own specialised team for terrace gardening, which will turn your home eco-friendly and a treat for one’s eyes. With flowing ponds, lush green landscapes, a large barbeque area and more customisations.

Terrace gardening can turn your outdoor spaces into lush gardens using advanced technologies such as container gardening, automated drip irrigation for vertical gardens, low-flow irrigation, patio furnishing and much more. Starting from brinjal, chillies and many more vegetables to even coconut trees can be grown in a terrace garden. Terrace gardening is a work of art, which takes a couple of months to give results, so gear up before you sign up for this.

Fabmodula combines designing and engineering to offer you the best of results. With experts in terrace gardening guiding you through the process, we ensure quality work designed uniquely just for you.

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