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Straight Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

Straight kitchen design is perfect if a person has a small house or a studio apartment or just a wall to set up the entire kitchen. Straight kitchen is the most simple and basic form of kitchen layout in which all the three major kitchen zones line up along a single wall. These days, people prefer a straight shaped modular kitchen design considering the concept of aesthetics.

Why is straight shaped kitchen design gaining popularity?

The kitchen acts as the centre of attraction in any house. A perfect kitchen not only beautifies the house but also allows the occupants of a house or an apartment to work in the kitchen comfortably. A kitchen should be designed in such a way that it offers the desired space to accommodate all the necessary cooking equipment.

Why people search for the best living room interior designer?

Our company being one of the renowned and experienced interior designers in Bangalore makes sure that the kitchen looks perfect and the straight shaped kitchen designer in our firm ensures that it is designed with perfection. Kitchen design is always seen as the subject of concern for every house owner as the details require a lot of attention. The occupant of a house makes a large number of decisions and considers various aspects for the fabrication of desired cooking space.

Right space in the layout of the kitchen gives it a spectacular and functional look. A person must pay attention to all the technical aspects and choose a perfect design for the kitchen in order to avoid hassle and bustle in the kitchen. A person must not get carried away by the alluring offers of the straight shaped kitchen design in Bangalore.

Straight-line kitchen design is the most preferred one out of numerous layouts due to its benefits in both small and large spaces. Sink, fridge and hob are three main components of a kitchen. If these components are fitted in a single line in the kitchen, then it is termed as the one-walled kitchen. The effort of accessing reduces as these components are placed close to each other.

Factors of a straight shaped modular kitchen design

It is the perfect design that emphasizes space utilization efficiently. The concise layout saves a large amount of safe. It can be fitted well even in long narrow spaces. It also eliminates the efforts of moving around in the kitchen to access distinct zones without getting tired. Installation of a solitary bench-top and cabinets on one wall of the kitchen becomes significantly cheap as compared to any other kitchen design.

The concise layout reduces not only the manufacturing cost but also the installation cost, thereby making the budget pocket friendly. All the major components incorporated in a single wall offers countertop surface without any interruption. Also, all the ingredients and equipment are placed within an arm's distance due to the compact design. It is the most comfortable and convenient layout as it ensures easy cooking process.

Importance of straight shaped kitchen design

Nowadays, there are numerous clients who incline towards having a straight shaped kitchen design in Bangalore. The living area is extended to the kitchen with a dining table placed as a quaint separator in between. This layout ensures easy cooking by incorporating cabinets in a limited space. It prevents the cook from feeling claustrophobic due to the openness. In the case of massive abode or villas, it acts as a secondary kitchen. It can also be merged with the living room and modern dining spaces without many efforts. It is a practical and highly productive design ensuring minimal accessing time, smart functionality and smooth running of work.

Furthermore, the storage can be enhanced, and the visible clutter can be avoided with the addition of pocket and sliding doors. This layout is best suitable for people who do not make use of their cooking space frequently and prefer to dine out most of the time. When it comes to being an efficient kitchen, this layout turns out to be extremely easy and convenient to use.

Role of straight kitchen designers

The straight shaped kitchen designer in our company has the best creative mind to understand the fact that the residents not only want their kitchen to look fantastic but also offer comfortable cooking atmosphere. The experts in our country make sure that customers feel proud off their kitchen layout and can access each and every component of the kitchen with ease.

The designers also ensure that the cook has ample space while distinct housing essentials of the kitchen. They inspect the area first by paying a visit to understand the space requirement and the kind of picture the client has in his mind before coming up with the ideas. They keep the communication channel open with the customers so that they can imbibe more ideas from them in order to provide them with the ultimate experience of cooking in the kitchen.

The company also makes sure that the customers have proper facilities within the kitchen and utilize the space in the best possible way. It also ensures that the kitchen delivers a balanced look by making sure that the decor of the house matches with the setting and design of the kitchen. The professionals in the company make all the necessary efforts to create a perfect atmosphere inside the kitchen. They ensure that all the elements in the kitchen are designed in such a way that they deliver a contrasting tone which is essential for enhancing the look of the entire abode.

A positive point about this straight kitchen is that cabinets use small space, thus leaving a large area to create a beautiful dining area. The designers of the company also assist the customers in selecting the desired furniture, which allows the customers to make most of the space available. The designers keep in mind every minute concern that a customer may have regarding the decor of the kitchen. They ensure that the kitchen has proper ventilation and electrical system, which is essential for creating a pleasant environment while cooking.

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