Latest Designs For Sliding Door Wardrobes

No matter how spacious your house is, storage will always be an imperative matter. Every house requires proper storage space that people can use to organize their stuff. The best practical solution for our houses is to have sliding door wardrobes in our bedrooms. These wardrobes not only provide sufficient space for storage, but it also makes our bedrooms look wide and clutter-free. Another good thing about these wardrobes is that the doors won't swing out like a standard cupboard instead they will stay connected to the channel both at the top and the bottom of the wardrobe and it will move horizontally when you push the frame of the wardrobe.

FabModula sliding door wardrobe with mirror placed horizontally

Sliding door wardrobes are the trendiest ones in the market. It is perfect for you if your house is not spacious. The sliding door wardrobe designers bring the best designs for your wardrobes. So, if you are planning to give your bedrooms a makeover then you must have a look at the following latest sliding door wardrobes designs for a better choice brought to you by one of the best interior designers in Bangalore

Wardrobe for small bedrooms- Mini sliding door Wardrobe

If your bedroom is quite small like you have a studio apartment or 1BHK flat, then this wardrobe is suitable for your place. These wardrobes can be installed in the idle space behind or beside your bed. The frame of the wardrobe is so beautifully laminated that you can also use it as a headboard for your bed. These bedrooms have spacious shelves and length sections that come with hanging rods. The customers can choose the colours and lamination as per their preference.

Wardrobes for conventionally designed bedrooms- Rusty sliding door wardrobes

If the interior of your house is conventional and you want to buy a wardrobe that complements your interior, then rusty design sliding door wardrobes are suitable for your bedrooms. These wardrobes do not require any extra efforts for maintenance. They also have enough space for storage. The frame of the wardrobe has a wood grain finish which gives a very rustic look. These wardrobes have shelves, length sections, and drawers at the bottom. The best part of these wardrobes is that they have LED strip lights in it which glows.

Wardrobes for classy interiors- Contemporary sliding door wardrobes

 If the interior of your house is super classy and practical, then you must go for contemporary styled sliding door wardrobes. These wardrobes have an attached study unit too. They are perfect if you are someone who well plans the interior storage and demands a proper accessory section. The whole wardrobe stores everything and it also provides extra space with a study unit that comes with extra drawers and an extended bookshelf. These wardrobes are suitable for those who love to have everything organized.

Wardrobes with the dual finish- Dual finish sliding door wardrobes

Those who want to have multiple drawers and sections of different sizes must go for dual finish sliding door wardrobes. These wardrobes come with two types of finishes i.e. laminate and glass. This wardrobe not only provides enough storage space but also gives a super chic look. The customer can customize the colour of the wardrobe as per their preferences.

These are the modern sliding door interiors that customers can choose. The market is filled with many amazing wardrobe designs, the customers can choose as per the style and interior design of their house.

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