The Six Most Essential Elements for The Perfect Kitchen Designing

One important room in the house is the kitchen. You spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen cooking, eating, cleaning, relaxing and even entertaining. Therefore, it should look not only attractive but also offer utmost comfort and functionality. Just like all other parts of your home need a well-planned layout and design, your kitchen too deserved thoughtful planning in its designing to make it fully functional.

FabModula modular island kitchen with white drawers

You must hire kitchen interior designers in Bangalore who can help you get the best kitchen interior design Bangalore and a customised kitchen for your house.

For the perfect kitchen designing, the focus is on 6 main elements

  1. Countertop: The most popular choices for the kitchen countertop is marble, granite, and quartz. Marble has been used since ages in the field of architecture. Most manufacturers are making granite and quartz that resemble marble in appearance.
  2. Flooring: Wooden floors never go out of style. You may select hardwood floors for a kitchen that will always remain in trend. The stain for the floor may differ depending on the existing trend. Warm to dark wood tones for flooring have seen popularity in recent times.
  3. Kitchen cabinets: The colour of your cabinets is selected depending on the colour of your kitchen. White and grey make the most popular choices for the colours of the cabinets. Another great trend that is much in demand is the two-tone cabinets. In this style, the lower cabinets are of light colour, and the upper cabinets are dark-coloured. It can make your kitchen look spacious and add a dash of colour to your kitchen.
  4. Hardware: Metallic colours like silver, chrome and gold are in fashion for the kitchen hardware.
  5. Kitchen lighting for perfect kitchen design: lightning plays a big impact in giving you the kitchen of your dreams. Poor lighting can fail to elevate the look of even the most finely designed kitchen. So don’t forget to invest your time and money in choosing the perfect light for your kitchen. Your interior designer can help you plan and choose the perfect lights in your kitchen. Generally, the kitchen has three types of lighting:
  • The usual or Regular Lights that provides rudimentary light for the kitchen.
  • Task Lights, which focus light on a particular work area. For example, lights above your stovetop or countertop.
  • Accent Lights are used to highlight a focal point in your kitchen. You can choose a chandelier or a ceiling light that complements the kitchen design.
  1. Appliances: Appliances play a pivotal role in the kitchen. The appliances that you choose for your kitchen depends on your cooking needs and skills. For instance, if you have a big family, you need a large refrigerator. Moreover, people nowadays prefer a wide sink for more convenience in washing dishes or groceries. Ovens, juicers, mixers, and all cooking accessories should be wisely chosen according to space availability and cooking requirements.

We hope the above tips will help you get the perfectly designed kitchen of your dreams.

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