Make the Best out of Smaller Spaces!

Learn how to make the most of your small interiors by using clever storage solutions and simple room dividers - keep it clean and get rid of the clutter. Double-duty furniture are your best friends, make every piece of furniture count, making it the bigger and more functional décor. FabModula, one of the top Interior designers in Bangalore has some inspiration in stock for you for innovative interior solutions for your homes!

FabModula fully furnished small living room

Multipurpose space

Sometimes you might have to incorporate your dining space into your living hall, as situations like this are unavoidable. In such cases, make the best use of everything you have. Drawers can be added to desks for extra storage, convertible beds and beds with storage under it. Choose décor that makes your small interiors look creative and spacious.

Curtain divider – create zones

Keeping in mind all the things you would do for your home interiors, establish separate zones for each activity. Dividing the spaces with curtains and dividers, will give you a very organized interior space.

Beneath the stairs

Make use of the awkward, extra space below the stairs; by adding storage solutions under them. Showcase your abundant book collection, a mini bar and few storage desks to accentuate your interiors creatively. Enlisted under the list of top interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula has always proved the best of services to our clients, and small interiors are never a concern but we rather take it as a challenge.

Don’t use dark colors

To make your interiors appear larger, avoid using dark colors. Lighter hues make the home interiors look open with light. But a dark color against light colored walls and furniture can make the interiors look really spacious.

Let it breathe

You don’t want your interiors to look dingy when you are equipped with a small area. Floor-to-ceiling window treatments are a good choice, to make the small living room interior appear more spacious. Bare windows won’t make it more stylish nor feel bigger, but tailored window treatments with light materials, can make them more airy and feel spacious. Being one among the best interior designers in Bangalore, choosing the right décor wouldn’t be an issue while working along with us.

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