Important aspects of traditional Indian kitchen interiors

Traditional Indian cooking design catered to the old-style cooking where large amounts of food were prepared for each meal to feed all members living in a joint family. The kitchen is the location a housewife spends a lot of time. It is essential to have a warm and classic look. Modern style is deemed one of the ways to build a kitchen. But, the word traditional here doesn't mean a style of the old world. It involves the use of soft and subdued colours, and an eclectic mix of styles to present a design appealing to all ages and all types of personality. Efficiency is all about, the type of appliances and the storage.

Space planning is essential, which is why it is advisable to consult one of the best interior designers in Bangalore to help with the process of planning a traditional kitchen interior design for an Indian home.

Custom character - Incorporating elements such as Bin-style handles, glass-front cabinetry with sanded edges and minimal upper cabinets are features that can transmit a traditional look to the cabinets.

A mix of open and closed cabinets - A mixture of open and closed cabinets can be made, especially in white, allowing practical storage for cutting boards as well as precious antiques to feature a traditional look using crown moulding.

Custom character - Features that can convey a traditional look to the cabinets include elements such as Bin-style handles, glass-front cabinetry with sanded edges and minimal upper cabinets.

Classic clean lines - This refers to cabinet arrangements which spell symmetry and functionality. This style is distinguished by custom cabinet stretches in the bottom and symmetrical yet traditional cabinetry stretches up to the ceiling to help in storing appliances.

Built-in cabinets - have a narrow silhouette that would be suitable for a small-sized typical kitchen. It would provide storage space without taking up too much ground space. Additional features that may add to the traditional look of the kitchen are the glass-front cabinet doors as well as the inset panel doors.

Though there are a lot of modern designs and are several gadgets that are part of a modern kitchen, many people are opting to surround the professional and contemporary gadgets with a hearth-like surrounding; the kitchen design could be made to seem traditional. Before deciding whether you want a modern kitchen design or a traditional one, keep in mind the size and budget of your plan. Even if you have a small space, make it look neat and classy.

There are many advantages to having a traditional Indian kitchen design. This includes

  • They feature the classy look that people would be drawn to.
  • It is a type of design that will never be out of style. It would remain a popular style of the kitchen anyway
  • The traditional design is cool and welcoming.
  • It increases the value of the property when you consider selling it.
  • The neutral fabrics and the colour palettes that define a typical kitchen give it a relaxed look that makes it both a place for gathering and cooking.
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