How to design the Perfect Guest room?

Nothing gets a family more pumped up than welcoming your friends and family. With festivals and random visits always round the corner, steal inspirations from boutique hotels and make your guest room comfortable, warm and inviting! Here are 9 ways from FabModula, one of the Top Interior Designers of Bangalore, to get on top of your guest room decorating game.


Pick up a few bunches from your back yard or at the local florist. Plop them in a vase for a fuss free arrangement, yet bring in the freshness of the outdoors.

Comfortable beds

Everybody wants a Goodnight’s rest! Match your bedrooms with two twin beds rather than a single full-sized one, to accommodate multiple guests. Firm yet supple, added highest quality bed sheet and the most comfortable blanket to keep them warm; prepare a luxurious spread for your guests.

Good reads

Stock the bedside tables with quick reads such as the latest magazines, books and the daily digest. Let your guests wind down after a long tiring day.

Supply tray

Cover their bases with a supply tray containing all the essentials.

Bedside table

A bedside table with a vase of flowers, latest collection of reads and a spot for keeping their basics can go a long way in making your guests feel at home.

Signature scents

Fresh scents can always make a space feel more delightful.


A simple over-the-door and on the wall hook can accommodate clothes, robes, coats and more, as your guests return after a long day of activities.


Always have a light control near the bed for comfort at night. A bedside lamp or near a chair can make reading more comfortable.