How to choose between Ceramic and Porcelain tiles for your home?

Tiles are unavoidable elements in any home. Be it your bathroom, kitchen, floor, or any other area of your home, tiles have prominence for various reasons. Tiles are a durable flooring option and will look good for years if properly laid out and maintained, say the best interior designers in Bangalore. They are better than carpets especially if you are allergic to dust, pollen, or pet hair, and worried about cleaning. Maintaining the tiles and keeping them clean, is not as hard when compared to expensive carpets.

How to choose between Ceramic and Porcelain tiles for your home

The importance of tiles in every home

You can choose from a plethora of tiles of varying size, shape, colour, and design as there is more versatility. Tiles give an aesthetic look to your home and make your homes look attractive and sophisticated. Traditional tiles like ceramic and porcelain can withstand high temperatures and are ideal for use in the kitchen. Because tiles are made from natural raw materials like clay and sand are eco-friendly.

The importance of tiles in every home

At times, our clients think that tiles are restricted for use in the kitchen and bathroom alone. But that is not the case, tiles are also used for decorative purposes to make your home livelier and stir attention. It can add a pop of colour or pattern to whichever spaces you want in your house. Tiles are also used for decorative purposes to make your homes livelier and stir attention. The current trend also includes the use of tiles in furniture like a bookshelf, dressing table, wardrobe, wooden seating, etc.

Why do some of the best interior designers in Bangalore rely on Porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles are more water-resistant, and slip-resistant than ceramic tiles and hence always chosen as the first option if there are kids, elders, and pets at home. Also, in places where you experience heavy footfall or traffic, porcelain tile is used as it is durable and harder compared to ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles come in many designs and patterns and are extremely glossy compared to ceramic tiles, hence they can be used indoors and outdoors.

best interior designers in Bangalore rely on Porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are always considered the first option among the best interior designers in Bangalore because they are multi-purpose and can be used in hotels, offices, retail outlets, walls, areas with high moisture such as restrooms, and areas that experience high footfall. On the other hand, ceramic tiles can be used only in areas where there is less traffic, for home interiors, walls, floors, etc.

Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles have gained more popularity these days because of their appearance and function. The clay used to make porcelain is denser and less porous, hence absorbing less water while ceramic tiles are not dense, less brittle, and absorb more water. Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore consider porcelain tiles as the first choice of installation in wet rooms due to their water-resistant properties. In cold weather or a rainy season, porcelain will stand the test of time, while ceramic may crack as it cannot withstand nature’s varying weather conditions.

The list below is a quick comparison between Ceramic and Porcelain tiles:

Ceramic Porcelain
Made of red, brown white clay Made of refined clay, feldspar
Less glossy surface Higher glossy surface
Cost-effective and affordable Expensive
Not strong, lightweight, short lifespan Strong, heavy, and long-life span
Softer, less dense and more porous Harder, Much denser, and less porous
Prone to chip and crack Not easily broken
Pressed and fired at low pressure and temperature Fired at high pressure and temperature
Catches stain quickly High protection from stains
Absorbs more water, slightly water resistant Does not absorb water, Waterproof
Used mainly in interiors Used exterior and interior
High Maintenance Easy to maintain

Hope that gives you a better picture of Porcelain and Ceramic tiles!

At FabModula, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we always help the client understand the various materials used for their homes and help them choose the best. The choice can make a huge difference in how your home looks - contemporary, rustic, neutral tones, statement styles, old styles, or a complete mixture. Some people select the tile for its colour; some like to see a multitude of colours, while others prefer subtle colours, shades of grey, beige, white, black, or neutral colours. Sometimes tiles are chosen based upon their functionality, waterproof, glazed surface, hard or rough surface, floor covering, etc.

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