How to avoid a messy home interior?

Messy homes arise from the same disarray of things at every household. You forget to throw your clothes in the hamper or too lazy to wash dirty dishes;if you’ve kids, then cleaning lessons are not their strongest points. Let’s avoid the uninvited mess after a tiring day of work with these few tips by FabModula, enlisted under the list of leading interior designers in Sarjapur Road and HSR layout, Bangalore.

These 8 ways can keep your home interiors always clean! Follow these quick measures by FabModula, listed among the best Interior Designers in HSR layout, Sarjapur road, Bangalore to keep your home interiors neat and tidy.

Regular cleaning schedule for your home interiors

To keep the mess under control for the rest of the year, figure out a weekly cleaning strategy for the home interiors. Bring everything back to its assigned place and make sure you don’t lose track of it in the coming months.

Install ground rules for everyone around

Make a list of rules, including polishing the shoes, keeping books in the shelves, and cleaning tiffins right after school. Make the home cleaning process a group activity and avoid taking on all the pressure to yourself in keeping your home interiors clean. To make these tips serve you, you got to keep the cleaning game strong. Let FabModula, enlisted in the list of best interior designers in HSR layout, Sarjapur, Bangalore guide you as you make the best out of your interior space.


The pile of papers from old magazines, receipts and coupons; there’s always the unwanted paper waste scattered on the floor. Placing bins in every room can avoid this mess, try going digital for magazine subscriptions and digests to avoid paper waste. Go one step ahead and make your home more eco-friendly! Less carbon footprints will do all of us some help. File holders are a smart way to tuck away all the extra files, magazines or mails and de-clutter your home interiors.

Utilize the space efficiently

Don’t leave out on any widely empty space in your home interiors. Utilize those odd spots for storage facilities to arrange the extras required for the room interiors. Put them into appropriate spaces to make it look organized and not odd.

Entryway: De-clutter the interiors

If your entryway decor clutters the home interiors despite best intentions and efforts, it’s time for a change. Have a container for each type of item; a coat hook, a recycle bin, a key bowl and a boot tray.

Organized wardrobes

Don’t spoil the style of your bedroom interiors because of a few misplaced or cluttered clothes. Cleaning out your wardrobes can help you avoid the messed up space and tidy it up. Don’t let the outside world see the mess, try hiding the clutter behind drawers or doors (organized, not just stuff it in xP) for cleanest home interiors.

Make your bed everyday

Starting your day off with a made bed gives a sense of organization and stability to the rest of your routine. Keep a ground rule for everyone at home to keep their beds neat and tidy for the day. With FabModula, rated under the list of top interior designers in HSR layout, Sarjapur, Bangalore, you don’t need to worry for perfection, for that’s what we aim at and definitely deliver.

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