Home Automation

Being one among the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, Fabmodula offers you its best. The ultimate smart home automation system, brings together lights, music, security and many more under one umbrella making life more convenient. All of the services are integrated into an easy-to-use system available at your fingertips, thus making life simpler in every way. With custom built operations to meet your lifestyle needs, Fabmodula brings in state of the art engineering to integrate the home automation system within your homes in the most subtle ways, complimenting your aesthetic interiors.

With a single button, you can make the entire house go to sleep; it will lock all the doors, shut your curtains, adjust the home temperature, and set your alarm clock and many more at your fingertips. Home automation system makes life inside most convenient for houses of every size. The control system works in the background and does the job for you without causing any mishap to the interior décor of the place. Adjustable dimmer switches, smart thermostats, automated blinds and other features will then be included in the design along with the automation system itself.

Unlike pride in just the aesthetics of your beautiful home, Team Fabmodula takes a step further and looks beyond those parameters. A thoughtful interior design is about style as well as functionality;avoid the use of clunky electronic devices and wall clutter by the setting up of a home automation system. This also improves the design process and makes living more convenient.You don’t have to worry about staying away too long or the security of the house, because all these features are what a home automation system promises. So don’t hesitate and let Team Fabmodula help you build a smarter and more interactive dream home.

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