Guide to styling your sofa the right way #101

Nothing makes your living room more welcoming than a great Sofa to charge it up! Sometimes buying the most expensive piece of décor is just not enough if you don’t dress it up the right way. If that’s where you need help, that’s what we offer.

FabModula, providing one of the best Interior Designing services in Bangalore, has a few tips in stock for you. Choose what’s best for you while designing the sofa décor for your beautiful home.

Choosing the right style for you

Chesterfield, Sectional, Bridgewater, Camel back, Tuxedo and many more- Go for the sofa that suits your taste the best. Refer our blog post ….. for the umpteen varieties you can choose from.

Layer it up with the cushions!

FabModula style your sofa with layered cushions

Layering different patterns and shades is a favorite quick trick! Place four to five pillows across your sofa for the full and luxurious look.

Mix and match the cushions

FabModula sofa with miss and match cushions style

Combine multiple textures from velvet to silk to fur, select two or three bold colours to inject a little depth into the space, cushions of different sizes and shapes such as oval or square to create a more homely and welcoming look, just keep experimenting with different designs!

Choose the perfect coffee table

FabModula sofa and wooden coffee table

Bringing in ease and functionality to your space, coffee tables are a must for a comfortable lounging. Be it an ottoman, a trunk coffee table or a round coffee table, it’s the last piece of the living room puzzle, so choose the right one to finish it.

Add a throw for instant coziness!

FabModula nuetral colored sofa with cushions blanket and coffee table

Warm up your living rooms by throwing in a cozy blanket over the edge, the perfect way to jazz up your sofa. A throw placed over a sofa’s armrest allows for a classic look while a brightly colored throw adds a pop to your space, for bringing down the colours in your room, add a neutral colored throw! Choose whatever suits your style.

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