Guide to styling your Coffee table

A well curated coffee table incorporates a balance of form and functionality. Coffee tables are a prominent piece of furniture that can make or break the style of your home,therefore the aim is to style an aesthetically gorgeous coffee table, which adds to the flow and function of the space.

Take advantage of the blank canvas in the middle of your room and turn it into the focal point – statement piece of the living room. Here are few tips by FabModula, one of the Best Interior Designer in Bangalore, to keep your homes look fresh and beautiful, by mastering the art of home styling!


One of the easiest way to achieve balance is with symmetry. For example, if you are planning on having a statement piece on your coffee table, you can place the other table décor around it; the balance needs to be achieved in terms of the size and tone of the items.


The aim is to visualize aesthetically how all the items will work cohesively as a whole on the table top. The age-old rule of three can be applied to get the composition right – by dividing your tabletop into three separate sessions, you can decide where the décor fits the best. This works best for rectangular-long tables; for round tables, corralling all items in a tray can group items together and make it look more unified.

Seasonal elements

Keep the décor fresh and in trend by adding seasonal elements, such as, a vase of fresh tulips for the spring, a shell of pumpkin for the fall and so on. Make seasonal swap outs by rotating seasonal decorative elements every now and then.

Size matters

Items should never be too big that they overwhelm the space nor too small to have zero visual weight. It’s important to use decor of the right size, to accentuate the space and to avoid disrupting the functionality of the table.

Don’t overcrowd

Keep the table top simple and aesthetically appealing. Overcrowding would make the space look unwelcoming and disturb its functionality. Maintain enough space between each décor element to make it look organized and well placed.

Statement piece

Always make one element stand out, making it the focal point of your design. A simple indoor plants or a vase filled with floor, can make this role. The statement piece need not be extravagant, rather it should be simple and fit in nicely to accentuate the rest of the décor.