Plan your Greenhouse Interiors

Want a space to plant seedlings, or grow plants that require a longer growing season than what the climate offers? Building a Greenhouse is the perfect idea for you. From horticultural projects and sun rooms to pool enclosures and conservatories, custom greenhouses are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and can accommodate all your gardening applications.

FabModula, enlisted under the list of top Interior Designers in Bangalore, we have a guide for you to follow, as you decorate your Greenhouse interiors.

Planned storage for your interiors

Fixtures and benches should be placed strategically to allow easy movement and to utilize maximum space for the greenhouse interiors, it also adds for a higher utility space value for your home interiors.

Under bench storage or an unused bench or wall can be turned into the ideal storage spot, such as hanging planters and white wire closet shelving. Special greenhouse equipment such as plant containers, potting mixes and fertilizers can be stored at a handy distance, if proper storage is provided.

Coming under the list of best interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula has designed terrace gardens for multiple clients, which almost always calls for a greenhouse interior. Our experience in this field has been successfully progressive.

Space management

Along with the plants of your choice, the right interior layout of your greenhouse needs to include benches, shelves and accessories, to maximize the growing space, otherwise before you know it, the greenhouse will be fully occupied. Proper planned storage and well-placed layout can make your greenhouse interiors and gardening much more enjoyable.

Potting bench

Potting benches that includes a sink, hanging space, storage shelves and an ample work counter for potting and re-potting plants is vital while staging the greenhouse interiors. Traditional, tiered and gravel greenhouse benches are different types to choose from, depending on your requirements and space facilities.

Seedling bed

The seedling bed is a requisite for every greenhouse gardener and interiors, as it holds the hardiest plants and vegetables. It is usually placed in the middle of the floor, with the potting soil contained in it.

Flowers for your greenhouse

To add beauty to your greenhouse, tropical treasure such as Mandeville, Bougainvillea, Anthurium, Angel’s trumpet and Plumeria are additions that bloom best in a greenhouse environment. They demand least maintenance and attention.

Horticultural greenhouse, Luxury Sun room greenhouse & Custom Pool enclosures

Adding elegance to your home interiors, greenhouses these days are more than just steel frames and plastic panels; customized greenhouses are aesthetically appealing, highly functional spaces, which can accommodate for every space solution. Interior design is an amalgamation of art and science;

Coming under the list ofleading interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula has been receiving both constructive and positive feedbacks for our works; we couldn’t be anymore delighted to interact with so many different individuals, for an exchange of ideas. So please do come forward, even if it’s only a mere give and take of ideas/opinions.