Gorgeous Pooja Room Design Ideas for Your Home

Pooja room, a space designated for prayer, is an integral part of many Indian homes. It is often a place for deep reflection and peaceful prayer. Thus, it has to be designed to capture a tranquil and devotional experience. A Pooja room can be basic, minimal, grand and elaborate. Here, our expert interior designers at Fabmodula have compiled easy-to-browse and unique mandir designs for your home, covering different styles, sizes and spaces:

gorgeous pooja room design ideas for your home
  1. Wooden Mandir Design

Nothing could be as evocative of tradition as wood, as wooden mandirs go well with all types of interiors and decor themes. Wood adds grandness to your space. Apart from it, wood also adds versatility and warmth to your pooja room. However, it also needs proper care and maintenance.

  1. Magnificent Marble Mandir Design

For those looking for an all-white serene, elegant and classy appearance as well as a calming space, the marble pooja mandir design will be a perfect match. Marble mandir design is an integral part of Interiors in Bangalore owing to its gorgeous pristine-white touch.

  1. Wall Mounted Mandir Design

Can a pooja unit get any minimalistic and simpler than wall mounted mandir design? Home Interior Designers in Bangalore recommend wall-mounted pooja units as ideal for your foyer or gallery at home. It fits easily in a modern Indian apartment. You may decorate it the way you want to, or keep it minimalistic with just idols and basic materials.

  1. Illuminating Lights and Colorful Cushions

A pooja room is always advisable to be kept illuminated. Thus, decor lights or overhead lighting works perfectly for this purpose. You can light diyas or brass lamps on either side of the mandir or even use beautiful string lights to make your space aesthetically pleasing. You can even pick some vibrant mirror-designed cushion covers of different colors or some low, wooden stools for sitting.

  1. Gold Tint Mandir Design

Slight touches of gold on the upholstery, lampshades and cushion adds richness to space, while the golden idol and the matched pair of diyas at the sides look sublime. Similar golden motifs on the mandir backdrop and the side panels look very glorious

At Fabmodula, our Expert Interior Designers in Bangalore acknowledge that space constraints in urban homes should not get in the way of meeting your lifestyle needs. No matter what your design aesthetic may be-be it modern, transitional or traditional, contact our interior experts to design a pooja room that suits your requirements perfectly.

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