Give an Amazing Makeover to Your Foyer Room

The entrance to your home is a foyer. It is often forgotten to carefully plan and decorate foyers as these areas are considered to be only a passage through space. But it's important to note that the foyers give visitors the first impression of your home. And more importantly, when you come home, it is the place that welcomes you.

FabModula make over your foyer room

Think of a foyer as the chance to sweep visitors off their feet. The entryway sets the stage for the rest of your house, whether guests are invited into a soaring room crowned with a sparkling chandelier or a cosy foyer with softwood floors and a bouquet of blooms. Use this prominent entrance space to incorporate stylish decor features to help elevate your home's overall atmosphere. Here are some ideas for the foyer interior design.

Shelf or Table

There should be some surface in each foyer where you can throw your keys, mail, loose change, or something else you pick up or drop off when you enter and leave your building. If you have room, a table or chest with storage is always a fantastic idea, but try to add a shelf or wall bracket if you do not.


Before leaving the building, you may want to take one more look at yourself, so it is always a great idea to have a mirror when decorating a foyer. If it makes sense in your room, a full-length mirror is fine, but otherwise, it is perfect for hanging one above your table or shelf. Since they open up space and reflect light, mirrors are also acceptable. A mirror in a small entryway will make the area look and feel bigger.

Shoe Rack

When people remove them, it is good to have a designated place to put their shoes. A shoe rack works well, but use a mat to determine where shoes should go if you cannot find one that suits your room. Otherwise, shoes appear to get kicked around and end up blocking the door all over the house.


To have an area to rest, use one or two chairs. Foyers also need a place to sit to take off shoes, so add a chair or two upholstered on either side of a foyer table. To offer them additional visual weight, choose chairs with patterns and multiple colours so that they adequately fill the expansive room.

The decor of the Wall

Build a focal point by hanging a large wall décor on a wall for the large foyer decor. To complement the proportions of an excellent foyer room, choose large-scale decor. Incorporate large paintings representing the home's design and colour scheme and choose a large enough piece for an appealing show to accessorize a room with greater square footage. Many interior designers can help you with the foyer room interiors Bangalore.


A chandelier or overhead fixture would be available in many foyers, which is fine, but it is always good to have another light source as well, such as a table lamp. It is good to turn on a soft light without having to flood your eyes with a bright light if you come in from the dark. Soft lighting can also create a welcoming environment for visitors.

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