Designing your Hallway

Post your front door, hallway is the first sight of your interiors presented to your guests, yet it is usually the most neglected space in our home interiors. To give your home the ‘wow’ factor, you need to have much more than just a corridor and you need one worthy of all attention. It’s time to start thinking about re-organizing those sneakers and boots that are piled up in your entryway, and turn the space into an attractive, stylish and functional hallway.

Below you have 5 designer tips from one of the best residential interior designer in Bangalore, to keep your home interiors always style-fresh and in check for the years to come!

FabModula Hallway Design

Bring the outside in

If your hallway interiors are too small for large statement pieces, think about the possibility of potted plants of different shapes and size. Welcome your guests into a simple hallway sprouting with freshness!

Focal point

Showcase your favorite piece of artwork or a stunning chandelier in your hallway interiors to create a dramatic focal point. This can keep all eyes glued to the point of attraction while the rest of the décor minimal.Enlisted under the list of top Interior Designers in Bangalore,FabModula has been making quite the statement by our signature wall art pieces, customized as per your needs. We have put our focal point for home interiors particularly in wall arts.

Entryway organizer

Opt for open units over closed ones, hooks to get everything in place and baskets to keep the off-season gear. Install an entryway organizer to keep the mess in control. Add decorative touches, but don’t overcrowd the interiors, keep it clutter free for easy flow.

Play with colors

Paint it with lighter colors to make it feel wider and brighter, while a brighter shade can keep it catchy. Opt for a shade that fits in with the rest of the home interiors, white is a great choice as it can get along with most shades. Neutral shades such as beige, ivory or taupe enlarges the interiors and conveys tranquility.Coming under the list of best interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula has designed the perfect home interiors for several years now. No inch of space is seen any less important than the rest. Hallways can always make or break your interiors; leave it to us to create the best impressions!

Fake a great view

Artfully draped curtains to crown the beautiful view into your garden can convey the heartiest welcomes. If not,an addition of your favorite art piece or a stunning pendant lamp to greet the guests as they enter your hallway for an appealing sightline can go a long way in making the perfect impression of your home interiors.

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