Design your kids’ bathroom!

Your kids’ bathroom interiors should be filled with bold and exciting designs. This is also a smart way to make the kids enjoy their bathrooms and avoid the messy days and crazy headaches you are stumped with. The best part about designing kids’ bathroom is that you can go wild with different colors and shades, you can experiment with as many themes, also adding a whimsical touch in contrast to the rest of your adult-like home interiors!

Here are five steps by FabModula, one of the top Interior designing company in Bangalore, to inspire you as you design your kids’ bathroom!

FabModula kids bathroom design

Pick a theme

There are plenty of bathroom interior themes to choose from- everything from Disney, under-water, bright blossom to cars to zoo animals. Choose a theme that fits the personality and taste of your child. Go for bright colors as kids’ love it colorful, wall decals, matching sets of toiletries to compliment the rest of the space; keep the color of your tiles and cabinetry neutral to create a fresh backdrop.

FabModula color themed kids bathroom

Addspark of colors

After choosing the theme, don’t limit yourself to a single bold shade, but don’t over-do it either. Go for two or three more shades to make the interiors cheerful, balance out the bright colors with white or neutral shades of interior accessories. Coming under the list of top interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula for our creative and fun-looking kids’ interiors have always been a success, so look no further ;)

Safety comes first

Think about every way you can keep it safe for your little ones! Equipment such as anti-scald devices to avoid burns, a step drawer or stool to make it easier for the kids to reach the sink and more, can be added to the bathroom interiors for better protection.

Make it accessible

Do consider your kid’s height while designing their bathroom interiors! Give them the independence they will sought for in a while, getting a step stool can make accessibility a lot easier. Getting toiletries organized and at a reachable distance can make things convenient for the little ones. Encourage them to do their daily activities without your help.

FabModula kids bathroom with wash base

Organization & storage solutions

Motivate your kids to take up responsibilities by handling their own bathroom interiors efficiently. By personalizing their interior space, they are ought to be more interested in taking care of it. Have proper organization facilities such as a lot of bins, a laundry hamper, cubbies and cabinets to keep your child’s bathroom interiors tidy. FabModula, one among the leading interior designers in Bangalore would love to honor you with the best of services! You know what to do :).

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