How to design your dream kitchen in a limited budget

Limited budget is no reason to give up on your dream kitchen. You cannot ignore the importance of kitchen in your home and ofcourse, designing a perfect kitchen might cost a lot, but it’s about figuring out the smart way, understanding your requirements and limitations to renovate your kitchen economically!

Here are few tips by FabModula, enlisted in the list of the Top Interior designer company in Bangalore, HSR layout and Sarjapur road to keep your pockets full and house rich, while designing your dream kitchen.

Simple and symmetrical

Balance out the symmetry used in designing the cabinets and counter tops. Keep functionality in mind, therefore avoiding unnecessary cupboards and clutter. Do not mix too many materials or finishes together, lux in simplicity for your home interiors.

Careful appliance selection

Forget about the expensive brands and go for appliances with an A+++ energy efficiency rating. Also, buy appliance that are more cost efficient in the longer run and don’t go for completely basic goods for your home.

Fresh lick of paint on cabinets

Instead of getting a whole new set of cabinets, freshen up the existing ones with polishing and painting. Use lighter colors for smaller kitchens to brighten the home interiors and to make it look larger.Being enlisted in the list ofbest interior designers in Sarjapur road and HSR layout, work with us and we assure the best quality services for you.

Economic counter tops

Instead of opting for the regular marble and granite counter tops, go for alternatives such as wooden tops, recycled glass tops and concrete tops for your kitchen interiors.

Work with everything you have

A shiny new kitchen flooring under the already existing one, a brush of paint to brighten up the worn out cabinets and a perfect fit of décor which suits the kitchen style. Instead of buying brand new décor, work with whatever you have and accentuate them for the right set of home interiors.With FabModula, rated under the list of leading interior designers in Bangalore, you don’t need to worry for perfection, for that’s what we are known for.

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