Design the perfect Tv unit with FabModula

With interior designing catching up recently, furnitures are not just blocks of wood anymore, they are an integral part of your home. Living rooms need to be the most attractive space in a house, as it captures the essence of your home. It is our go to space for pure entertainment, with more than 4 hours spent on watching tv every day.

Extend your design aesthetics to the entertainment spaces at home with the help of these guidelines. FabModula, one of the best interior designer in Bangalore, has a few tips for you as your embark upon your search for the best possible design.

Room size

The amount of space allotted for your TV unit depends on your room size. A small TV would be visually lost in a large room, therefore a large media room calls for larger stand. It’s about the scaling, a small media room would require a more functional and multi-purposeful TV unit, with multiple storage.


Depending on the room size, you need to decide on the functionality of your TV unit. Do you require multiple storage facilities or do you have drawers and other facilities to store the equipment? If you have a huge collection of video game equipment, CD collection, home theatre receiver and other entertainment equipment, your inbuilt storage needs to be big. A functional TV unit can stack all your entertainment necessities at one place and avoid clutter.

Style & design

A matter of personal taste, choosing the appearance and style of your TV unit depends on the rest of your décor. There are plenty of choices out there, to choose the right stand, the perfect wall to fix it on. The design needs to echo with the furnishing in your living room, even if it’s not the dominant style pertaining.