Amazing Partition Design Ideas for Living Room and Dining Hall

Even though living room and dining room areas both need to look large and spacious, a separation between them is ideal for privacy. However, in modern Interiors in Bangalore, room dividers aren’t always used for privacy. A dazzling partition design piece not only serves the purpose of separating spaces but also acts as a beautiful design piece that enhances your decor effortlessly. Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore recommend, with each element of home decor comes the responsibility to make it as visually appealing as the rest of your abode to make it blend perfectly with the rest of the interiors.

amazing partition design ideas for living room and dining hall

Here are a variety of partition design ideas by our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at FabModula, that’ll make your creative juices flowing!

  1. Gorgeous Curtain as Divider

One of the most common ways to divide a room is to hang a curtain from the ceiling with various options. Since privacy isn’t an issue, a lightweight or sheer fabric like lace, cotton, or silk will allow light through the divider to both sides of the living room and dining hall. Shiny, embroidered, or heavy woven fabrics are aesthetically pleasing, while patterns are a great way to add visual interest to a room that doesn’t have a lot going on.

  1. A Partition Design with A Purpose

A wooden crockery unit that partitions the dining hall and the living room not only looks amazing but is functional as well. One side with shelves and cabinets may serve as a crockery unit, while the other side that faces the living room could become the TV unit or a space to display decorative items.

  1. Get It Glowing with Glass

Use gorgeous glass separators between your living and dining room that blends perfectly with the backdrop and flooring of your apartment. A single glass wall makes the entire space appear elegant and glossy.

  1. Pretty Sliding Dividers

These sliders are easy to install and can be folded and detached to place elsewhere as per your convenience, without any hassle. It comes with a variety of stunning design options and is also inexpensive.

  1. Traditional Jali Pattern

A traditional intricate jali work has been part of Indian home decor for centuries. Bring this classic jali pattern into your space to warm up your ambience and divide the hall from the dining room in a traditional way.

A partition is an ideal option to divide the living area from the kitchen and dining space without completely cutting off one room from the next. while also elevating the overall aesthetics of your home. Contact our talented interior designers in Bangalore at FabModula, to renovate your home interiors and give them a fresh makeover. Make your appointment today.

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FabModula | Partition Design Ideas for Living Room and Dining Hall
FabModula | Partition Design Ideas for Living Room and Dining Hall