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Gone are those days when parents used to put all the siblings in one room and asked us to stay happy, times have changed and now the kid's room has become very challenging. They need to feel special, the room has to spark creativity, make them feel comfortable, and most of all, it needs to be functional with an organized study, space-saving wardrobes, a reading corner, a play area, and much more. Allocating a proper study within the kid’s bedroom is a necessity, for kids should be given their own space to explore. As they grow up, private space can instil a sense of independence and freedom and even help develop organizing skills. The designated study space gained more importance mostly in the past two years when corona took over the world and online classrooms and video sessions became a common thing and the only source of education.

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Study space in a kid’s room is necessary to elevate the study experience and keep the children away from all kinds of chaos happening at home focusing on learning and education only. Kid’s rooms cannot be just any room, it has to qualify all the necessary checks for offering maximum comfort, efficiency, and productivity. Kids' study room is a perfect example of how good things come in small packages. Kid’s room interiors have become a niche market these days, and whether your home is a lavish adobe or an apartment with space restrictions, we can provide customizable and feasible study room designs as well as kid's room designs from the best interior designer in Bangalore .FabModula delivering only outstanding results.

1. Designated study space Every kid's room must have a designated study space consisting of a study table and study chair. The study space has to match the overall style, colour, and ambiance of the room. The study table must be kept separate from the bed to avoid any distractions and be equipped with storage to keep books and other stationery. The table must be placed where there is proper ventilation, ample light, and maximum air passage. Select a space where there is less noise so that the kids' studies are in no way affected.

2. Provide adequate light Bright light plays an important role in all kid’s rooms so that eyesight is not tampered with by poor lighting. Natural light is easier on the eyes and helps to stay motivated and maintain focus for a longer time.Apart from the general light provided in the room, the study table should be given a table lamp or focused light for warm lighting as it helps the kids to have good focus avoiding unwanted strain. Glowy night lamps make the kids feel safe in the dark when the lights go off.

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3. Ensure proper connectivity of gadgets Gadgets like a desktop, computer, printer, lamp, wifi modem, or speakers can be placed on the study table as they constitute a major part of the studies and need to be kept together. Make sure to set up the electrical socket safely aligned and away from all sorts of danger so that the kids can easily plug in and charge the gadgets. Also to confirm safety, keep the electrical wires away so they do not trip and fall.

4. Wardrobes and shelves for maximum storage space A study room is never complete without enough storage space; a lot of storage space is essential to keep the study room most organized and clutter-free. An overhead floating storage shelf aligned to the height of the kids is a space saver and also enable them to keep their rooms organized. Toys, books, picture frames, and display items can be kept out in the open, when clothes can be kept away into cupboards and wardrobes. Modular shelves and drawers help maximize storage space and organize files and stationery.

5. Comfortable and cute kid’s furniture Single bed or bunk beds custom built to the likes of the child along with bedside tables and wardrobes are some of the most wanted room features. Study chairs must be designed and customized to the right size for the seating comfort of the children. Always ensure that there is enough space to roam-free and that the furniture do not cram the kid’s room. Straight-backed wooden chairs work well as a study chair, as they make the child sit up and stay alert.

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6. Accessorize your room The kid's room needs to be properly accessorized for optimum comforts, rugs and carpets for feeling warmth, and indoor potted plants to add a green touch to the study room as well as to purify the air, cushions and pillows, soft plush toys, mirrors, tents etc. Adding a small fish bowl or plants make the room greener and livelier, allowing the kids to take responsibility for them. A reading corner can be customized using bean bags and floor pillows, to allow the kids to be in their own space or world of entertainment or play spaces.

7. Add a pop of colour Using neutral colours works best for the kids' study room as they are soft on the eyes and create a calming effect. Girls' bedrooms are often in beautiful shades of pink and pastel colours, while boys' bedrooms often choose bright and striking colours. Choose the colours that best suit their mood and help engage in a positive and soothing experience. Bright-coloured wall or wall decors can help stimulate the brain and retain information in kids.

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