6 ways for a New Year ready Home!

After the maddening week of Christmas, New Year is most awaited! Like any other New Year resolution, getting a fresh look for your home interiors is part of the holiday spirit. So let’s get buzzing by cleaning and preparing your home interiors in these 10 steps.

FabModula, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, gives you quick tips on how to achieve the New Year ready look for your interior designs!

FabModula | New Year Ready Home

De-clutter the mess at your home interiors

The post-holiday week definitely calls for a clean-up strategy! Get rid of all the unwanted mess and maximize your interior space for the coming year. Use storage boxes or baskets to tuck away the extra items in the house.

Flip the mattress

Flipping your mattress every 4-6 months wears it evenly. Make sure you vacuum the mattress and boxspring using the upholstery attachment to clean it out completely and clean spree your home interiors!

Figure out a weekly system!

To keep the mess under control for the rest of the year, figure out a weekly cleaning strategy for the interiors. Bring everything back to its assigned place and let’s not lose track of it for the coming year.

Clean kitchen ceilings and walls

With all the smoke and moisture stuck on the walls from the holiday season, swiping away the dirt from your walls and ceilings can make it look anew. Wipe it clean with a sponge dipped in cleaning mixture and later rinse it with warm water. Categorized under the list of leading interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula has always been one step ahead in assisting you for further results, by keeping the home interiors as stylish as always. This blog is just one way for bringing about the creative and innovativeness to uphold it.

Reorganize your kitchen interiors

Reorganizing the kitchen interiors takes some time and effort, so let’s get done with it already. Take down everything from your pantry, clean all the shelves, cutlery and vacuum the floor. Throw out any food that is expired, let’s avoid scheduling an exterminator when we have a choice.

Clean out the drawers

Drawers are the trash bin for everything unwanted that you are just not ready to give up yet. Cleaning out your drawers can go a long way in terms of finding hidden treasures, also figuring out how much of the stuff are actually needed.

Bring in some freshness!

Having a fresh bouquet of flowers at your entryway is a beautiful way to greet your guests as well as to spread a touch of positivity! Bring the nature indoors by getting more indoor plants and making your home interiors more eco-friendly!

Dry-clean linens

After the holiday mess, take out all your delicate table cloths and other linens to the dry cleaners! Keep it ready already for the next set of festivals and to keep the freshness of your home interiors blooming.

Cut down on the bills

Let’s take up the new habit of cutting your energy usage at home. Switch off the lights when you leave the room, turn off your AC, install CFLs or other energy efficient light bulbs instead of the highly energy consuming ones and so on. And if you are come for the challenge, take up a few eco-friendly measures with your home interiors!

Where’s the entertainment space?

Enjoy your favourite flicks in the comfort of your home this New Year! Create your own game room for your favorite activities and to do all the fun things you and your friends enjoy.

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