6 Simples Ideas For Unique Apartment Interiors in Bangalore

apartment interiors in Bangalore

In a city like Bengaluru, an apartment or flat is small, cute and quite convenient to own and live your life, your style. We know that your creativity will go boundless while planning on decorating the interiors of your apartment. When it comes to your personal space, you will want it to be a place of zen to fill in with things that you wish to see and utilize daily. Planning apartment interiors in Bangalore gets simple with the experienced desingeneering experts that we have at Fabmodula..Even with a small or similar-looking space in hand, we can make yours unique. We come with a plethora of ideas to implement when decorating your home to make it look just the way you always dreamed of. Here we list down six simple ideas to adopt to make your apartment interior look exceptional.

1. Install Floating Shelves

Using floating shelves saves a lot of space and makes your home look clutter-free and organized. You can use this idea in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even your study. You are also at liberty to mix and match objects on the shelf, whenever you feel like it. This is a unique storage idea against the traditional built-in shelves and standing cupboards. Floating shelves just utilize the wall at an elevated height giving ample space to move about freely without taking any floor space and at the same time keep your items intact. These shelves are usually installed at eye level and it is easier to take things and keep them back, just the sight of your favorite books, photographs, souvenirs, flowers, etc brings you joy and happiness.

The use of good lighting

2. Apartment Lighting

The use of good lighting can enhance any living space and give maximum illumination to your desired tone. Every aspect of your apartment from the colour of the wall, to tiles, décor, lampshade, etc. can make a difference with apt lighting. Lights can be dim, bright, warm, and cool, using them appropriately in the right places can make all the difference. Placing lampshades on nightstands and side tables in your room also creates a different mood. Lights can also be used to accentuate plants, portraits, or art, care must be taken that the lights never disturb a person or become uncomfortable to the eye. The use of a spotlight, small lamps, and fibre optic lighting can highlight specific aspects and features of the room.

3. Sliding Doors

Shifting to sliding doors instead of the traditional swing doors is a good alternative to try from the ordinary. It saves a lot of space, especially for smaller apartments, and is an option to consider for apartment interiors in Bangalore. Sliding doors can be wooden, glass, transparent, mirrored, etc., and divide a room or hide any specific area like a pantry, bedroom, bathroom, or laundry. It can be rustic, vintage, or modern and make a statement with its big, bold colours, size handles, and design.

sliding doors instead of the traditional swing

4. Open Plan Layout

Instead of the usual apartment layout, one can always adopt to use an open layout where one room naturally merges into the other without any separation to encourage bonding and initiate communication. You can swiftly move from your modular kitchen to the dining room and living area as these three rooms are merged into one common space without any wall or doors to obstruct the movement.Apartment interiors in Bangalore are slowly adopting this open plan layout forn ease of movement,better lighting,bigger rooms, togetherness,socialization etc.

5. Adding Mirrors

Mirrors spread natural light but they are more than functional pieces in room interiors, they can be used as decorative items too. They can magically transform a small space into a spacious one adding luxury and class to the apartment. Mirrors can be used to make an artistic statement, embrace an entryway, adorn a gallery wall, or add frame and texture to your home. Make sure to place them in the right spot for maximum effectiveness Placing mirrors opposite windows for natural light to fall makes the room look brighter and large, add interesting frames to the mirror, choose a shape out from the ordinary oval and square, use mirrored tiles and cabinets in the kitchen for a flawless look, mirrored headboard, mirrored artwork, mirrored ceiling and also mirrored furniture help accentuate living spaces adding more luxury.

wallpapers to make your dream home look extraordinary

6. Wallpaper

Adding a wallpaper of any print, design, pattern or colour adds an aesthetic appeal to all rooms in your dream home. No more boring paints and textures, opt for wallpapers to make your dream home look extraordinary. Wallpapers are long-lasting, have no or less maintenance, increase the value of your home, are more durable, increase functionality, are easy to clean, available in a huge variety of designs, and the best part is wallpapers can hide any blemish or marks that paints can’t. Wallpapers are very cheap and so easy to install that you can do it yourself, most apartment interiors in Bangalore being middle-aged, prefer to add colour and a preppy look to their homes with the use of wallpaper. With our dedicated team, FabModula has experience in completing top-notch interior designing projects within the timelines commited and keeping your budget in mind.

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