5 Earthy Ideas for Apartment Interiors

Apartment life is a totally different vibe altogether, especially in the Garden city called Bangalore. In a metropolitan city, most people live a fast-paced life and find apartments quite convenient to settle down. But it doesn't stop there, every apartment requires the right talented minds to design the interiors and set the space. This is where FabModula makes an appearance because they design the best apartment interiors in Bangalore.

. Colour palettes of earthy tones create a neutral home and add tranquillity

Just like your home, you can make your apartment interior chic, contemporary, bohemian, modern, minimalist, earthy, Indian, etc. While most of the apartment interiors vastly use these styles, a style that remains close to the heart and soul is an earthy style or tone. Adding an earthy touch to your home has numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Earthy style interiors are cosy, trendy, natural, and soothing, and offer a strong, aesthetic, and pleasing environment essential for the longevity of the residents. Research suggests that nature helps reduce stress, boost health, and helps in the healing process. Bringing in the outdoor elements of nature indoors can bring a drastic and spectacular change to your life; you need to make the change to experience the change. FabModula tries to incorporate earthy elements into apartment interiors in Bangalore based on client requirements.

1. Earthy tones - A splash of earthy colours like cool blue, beige, brown, grey, white, orange, olive green, etc can generally calm and soothe you because they are colours of nature. Colour palettes of earthy tones create a neutral home and add tranquillity, warmth, and serenity. At FabModula, we believe that the earthy element represents power, strength, and stability, hence adding neutral or earthy tones can transform these traits directly to your apartment interiors in Bangalore. Colours have the power to influence your mood hence the use of earthy hues can add a relaxing and soothing effect on you just like nature. Colours need not always be a change of paint, it can be a shift from the usual cushion cover, lampshades, sofa, furniture, rugs, and throws. Fill your homes with neutral and natural shades to let nature come to you.

2. Use of wooden furniture - Raw, stained and unpainted wooden furniture can bring a natural, rustic, and woody feeling into your homes. Unique, hand-carved pieces of wood and handcrafted furniture like wooden figurines, bamboo coffee tables, cane baskets, jute chairs, doors, window frames, kitchen cabinets, wooden bowls, hanging lamps, coffee tables, dressers, trays, etc. will make your home look naturally blissful. Recycled timber is also a novel and sustainable option to spruce up your decor. The use of fresh-cut wood adds up to more cutting down of trees hence using recycled furniture adds a vintage vibe. It is also an eco-friendly and less expensive option, contributing to a distinctive earthy feel at home.

3. Natural stones, shells, and crystals - Using natural rocks and stones give a cool, earthy touch to our mother Earth. Adding small stones, and pebbles in a vase or in a terrarium along with plants and flowers can truly intensify the environment. You can even try incorporating stones into a wall, stone-clad walls are very much in trend and popular now, they always add an earthy feeling to your homes.

Using natural rocks and stones give a cool, earthy touch to our mother Earth.

Decorating your house with natural crystals also brings an earthy vibe to your interiors. You can try putting crystals in a bowl, natural geodes, gemstones, agate, etc. these sparkling beautiful stones are true elements of nature that add a pop of colour to your living spaces. Including crystals in your home can turn it into a sanctuary or sacred place filled with zen and wellness. Crystals have the power to connect you with nature making you feel relaxed, calm, and at ease bringing in positive energy warding off all negative vibes. Selenite, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Himalayan Salt, Clear Quartz, and Citrine are some of the crystals which can be kept home for cleansing, healing, and enhancing homes with spiritual vibes, prosperity, and success. You can also incorporate them into daily use items like agate coasters which your guests will not be able to stop raving about.

If you are a beach person, you can bring that element to your home, it is sure to brighten your life. Adding seashells collected from your days at the beach and putting them in a vase, frame, or tray can add a spark to usually boring spaces. Even making a wall filled with seashells can be crafted to adorn your wash counter, restrooms, or any other space to bring an element of the ocean into your interiors.

4. Plants - Potted plants add a more earthy vibe than anything else. Spotting greenery in every nook and corner of your home can put a smile on your face. You can either go exotic with a vertical garden or play it subtle with a succulent. Adding indoor plants to your home can purify the air and free your home of pollutants, making you fresh, and improving your mental health. They are also a natural decor element for all homes. While it is essential to include plants in your homes for an earthy vibe, it is important to place them in their appropriate spaces too.

Potted plants add a more earthy vibe than anything else

A herb garden works well in your kitchen, as it is easy to pluck and use for seasoning your food while cooking. It also enhances the taste of food and provides many health benefits. A succulent or cacti are extremely low maintenance and make your wash counter or workspace look cute and beautiful. You can include spider plants, ferns, and pothos in the restrooms as they grow in humid areas. Air plants or terrariums are also in trend now, adding a more earthy touch to your homes. Indoor plants like cactus, aloe vera, snake plant, English ivy, jade plant, white lily, devil’s ivy, and succulents require less light hence they live well. Plants requiring more light can be placed on the window sill or the balcony so they thrive well. Hanging plants are a good decor idea to enhance the beauty of your spaces. For the love of plants and greenery, most apartment interiors in Bangalore are adorned with flora.

5. Terracotta & Clay figurines - Terracotta as the name suggests is fired earth, it is a clay-based ceramic, made modern with a matt finish that suits any interior adding a rustic charm, grace, and an earthy feel perfect for your decors. It adds a lot of aesthetic value to home interiors with its soft porous texture; terracotta can be used for making pen holders, planters, pots, bells, horses, figurines, hanging lamps, idols, statues, animals, gods, deities, bowls, tiles, etc. made pretty with engravings and colour dyes. Adding terracotta tiles to your homes is also a welcoming option as it is water-absorbent, highly durable, and hardwearing. Terracotta tiles can be made into hexagon, picket, and curved shapes and sizes. You can also replace your glass vases with terracotta vases. Using clay objects like miniature bells, figurines, bowls, etc. can also make a good addition to your decor collection.

Terracotta as the name suggests is fired earth

Now that you know, what all elements can be added to your home for a warm earthy feel, try to incorporate them into your apartment interiors in Bangalore, because a change of home interiors or even minor additions can work wonders for your life.

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